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Quick Affordable Highend Websites to Establish Your Online Presence.

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A Website Designed With You in Mind from the Ground Up.

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Website Features

Mobile Friendly Web Design

We create efficient responsive websites that adapt to multiple platforms and loads in seconds.

World Class Support

Our Customer Service Agents are ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have about our services, and to assist you with your website needs.

100% Ownership

All materials prepared by us on behalf of our clients are the exclusive property of the Client once full payment is received, unless otherwise specified.

30 Days Free Minor Revisions

During the first 30 days following the completion of any project, we provide up to 20 hours of Support Services at no additional cost to Client..

Free GDPR Compliance Assistance

We assist clients with the legal; aspects of their website, by helping them to developing their initial Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use or Service Pages.

30 Day Money Back Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty on all of our website design services and packages.

General Questions

What's the difference between Wordpress Websites, Custom Websites, and Website Builder?

Wordpress websites are designed using a template that is customized by a web developer or designer, custom websites are designed and built from the ground up to your specifications, and Website builder allows you to build a website yourself using customizable templates.

How many pages is include in a basic website package?

All of our basic website packages include 5 web pages of your choice, a privacy policy, terms of service, and cookie policy.

What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting is hosting that is setup and managed by the hosting company.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is hosting in which resources such as memory, CPU time, and disk space are shared amongst multiple clients. Each client leases a certain amount of resources per a month for a monthly fee.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is similar to shared hosting in that you still share a server with other clients, but while resources such as CPU time and memory are shared across the accounts on the server, you are guaranteed a dedicated amount of RAM and CPU limits.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is hosting in which all of a server's resources are allocated to a single client. Because of this, it provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. Dedicated servers are completely isolated units, enabling a single client to have complete free reign over of how it's configured.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is hosting purchased from a hosting company at a wholesale price, and resold for a profit.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

Managed shared hosting is an excellent option for start-ups and small businesses. It offers a good balance between costs and resources such as memory, CPU time, and disk space.

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting gives you more control over the server, and it provides more power and flexibility than shared hosting. If your website is complex and must reliably handle more users, than VPS is a better option.

Dedicatrd hosting is best for businesses with intense online traffic or that require massive resources, a high level of privacy, or high levels of control.

Reseller hosting is for entreprenuers and web developers or designers, looking to start or expand a business.

Why do I need domain name?

A domain name is a memorable substitute for the numerical address used by internet protocals. Like your home address, it has to be unique so that people can find your specific website.

How do I backup my website?
  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. In the "Files" section, click Backup Manager.
  3. Click cPanel Backup Wizard.
  4. Click the Backup button.
  5. Select the type of backup you want, i.e. Full Backup, Home Directory, MySQL Databases, or Email Forwarders and Filters.
    1. If you selected Full Backup, select the backup destination.
      1. If necessary, type in or change your email address.
      2. Click the Generate Backup button ,else skip to B.
    2. If you selected Home Directory, click the Home Directory button, else skip to C.
    3. If you selected MySQL Database, select the database you wish to download, else skip to D.
    4. If you selected Email Forwarders and Filters, select the forwarder or filter you wish to download.

30 Days Warranty Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with IC1 Technologies, we offer a 30 day warranty on all of our websites. We will provide 30 days free edits or modifications post project completion on all websites we design.

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